About Emily Krainc

Emily Krainc is an abstract expressionist painter, creating art work in a variety of sizes and media including acrylic, ink and gold powder. Her work is about unconscious and sometimes blind folded mark making and its implications. She is fascinated by visual memory and the application of paint creating mental spaces for thoughts and emotions both conscious and unconscious. These two sides of her being are constantly in conflict with one another and the canvas allows for a resolution. Her work speaks of pre-ontological and primitive ways of making mark, of the moment of spontaneity and wants to express gestural moments unhindered. She is interested by the notion of taking something non physical such as dreams, thoughts, emotions, and memory and creating something physical.

Krainc's marks are heavily influenced by forms of writing such as calligraphy, graffiti and automatic writing and she is also interested in Psychoanalysis and philosophy. Readings, particularly by the likes of Freud, Descatres and Derrida inspire works as well as poetry and prose by Sylvia Plath. She has compiled an extensive collection of English poetry by the likes of Walter-de-la-Mare, Francis William Bourdillon, W.B.Yeats, Stevie Smith, to name a few of her most recent inspirations

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